A Day of Nothing: A very short rambling today.

I am a sincerely bizarre person. 

This is a fact.

Sometimes my foreign friends think me to be drunk. Nope! Not tonight folks. Just super…. I don’t even know.

I didn’t party or anything this weekend. Or last weekend. Or… no I did the weekend before that. I think? Maybe? Yes…?

I really just need a smoke right now. Just weed though. I can’t do tobacco anymore. The smell, while sometimes I like it, now tends to make me nauseated. Too many drunk nights smoking with the guys and then ending that night with my head in the toilet. 

I would love to this Spring Break. That’d be nice to get stoned but not too high like last time I did. I was very… gone that night. 

I don’t know. I’m just…. very anxious this break.

Heart palpitations have been becoming more frequent for no reason. That’s just great.

Just. Great.

I just can’t right now.

I can’t anything.

I can’t function.

I’m so fucking awkward. 

I’m just going to go let my brain rot now. It’s… fulfilling?


I needed this day of nothing. 

Tomorrow- hello reality. Again.


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