Life Happens

I would like to clear the air on something.

“Anxiety” or “Depression” disorders aren’t people “remaining strong for too long”.

It’s a chemical mishap in our brain.

It’s a chemical thing. It’s a part of us.

It always will and always will be.

I will admit that I am drunk right now.

But I cannot emphasize enough that people believe that depression and anxiety are things that “people just work through”.

Fuck that.

It’s not “just that”.

It’s a life changing experience.

I don’t know if ‘experience’ does it enough justice.

I just know that a lot of people suffer but only a few suffer enough that it interferes with their day-to-day lives.

I can’t believe I’m able to write this.

Tomorrow I will remember this because I can remember it now.

That’s the only way for me.

The only way.

That’s the only way I will remember this.

But this night is important.

I told someone important to me and few friends of mine part of my story.

Granted, it wasn’t good/full due to my lack of sobriety.

I’m sure he didn’t mind too much though.

I know I’ll tell him someday.

I trust him.

I trust him because my best friend does.

I know life never goes the way you want it to.

That’s why you have to take each person, each moment, and love it no matter what.

I truly would be okay if I never saw some people again.

But most, I have words.

I’m a person of many words.

I know I would say something to someone.

I know I would.

I know it.

I know.

I couldn’t.

I’m not good enough to for some.

I know it.

But it’ll have to suffice. It will.

Information. Saving people.

That’s all I’m meant to do.

Save lives.

Help people.

Make or give their lives a meaning.

It happens.

Life happens.


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