So, a bunch of my friends and roommates either got invited to this exclusive party or they are going to said party.

Or they have boyfriends that aren’t a part of this group.

I feel so incredibly disgusting.

I have a pretty good feeling as to why I didn’t get invited by anyone.

The last time I got drunk was he work I had ever gotten drunk. It was bad. It was messy. I was bad. I was messy. I was shit-faced-upset-throwing-up-unattractive. 

I feel so incredibly left out and so incredibly unwanted. 

Even my quartet has been weird around me lately.

Well, Calvin has been. Dennis and I have been getting closer and talking more. I can actually and confidently say we are friends now, which I don’t think I could have said at the beginning of the semester.

I feel so ugly, repulsive, and horrible.

Hollow. I feel hollow. 


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