Wuck Finter

I will be posting a lot tonight, seeing as I’m working until 6 AM, will spend about 2 hours cleaning, and then there will be nothing for me to do because we have zero customers.

Also, there’s two matters for me to address, but I’d like to give them their own postings seeing as they are pretty large topics.

One is my dad and our argument. 

The other is my fear and lack of understanding in my relationships.

Seriously though.

Consider this the warning post. I’ve already put jellies on all the tables on one side of the restaurant and am waiting to do it to the other side just because I can.



It “feels like” -40.


I was putting my sweatshirt up in the windows because of the heat lamps and their warmth. It was better than putting it in a dryer. Also faster.

Which reminds me that I need to do laundry.

I’m just putting off doing it because I can’t go home and don’t want to spend the money.

Maybe I can pawn off a friend or something.

Hang out with David for a day and do laundry over there. 


Plan made.

I will execute sometime before the 9th, when he leaves.

Then 6 days until Calvin will be here.

5 days before Nicole returns.

This break is going quickly.

I’m not upset in the least by that.

I need winter to be over already.

Ha. Ha.


Wuck Finter.

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