I need feminism.

I need feminism for a number of reasons.

One of the main ones being I am a woman that works overnight shifts at a restaurant.

I’m used to the drunks, the rowdy men, etc. I don’t like that I am, well really, I guess I’m not.

I’m a quiet type. I enjoy a good night full of talking and laughter and some crude humor, but I’m mostly withdrawn and like peace.

Some girls would take the things I hear as flattery. I know most of the other overnight girls do.

They get a kick out of it.

Me… it just makes me tired of it all.

I’m tired of men looking at my name tag and using the stars on it for some sort of weird pick-up line as an excuse to look at my chest. I’m tired of men whistling at me when I walk away from the table. I’m tired of their cheesy grins and comments calling me “feisty” or “too sweet to get cheeky with them”.

It literally just makes me tired.

It could also be that it’s 2 AM. 

I’ve already had one cup of coffee and one of decaf. 

Only 4 more hours until I go home. 

One hour to do one side of the restaurant, the next to find a random project, the next to do the floors/pantry clean-up, the last to take care of the other side of the restaurant and usual ice/trash/silverware.

And they’ve made a mess of my table with spit balls.

… They better tip me very, very well.

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