It’s been an interesting couple of days.

I’m currently sitting on a bench in the Musical Arts Center at Indiana University. 

What’s worse is that my head is spinning and I’m not even the one auditioning.

Calvin is nervous as to be expected. I wonder what is going through his mind. Right now, I’m focusing on being encouraging. 

The place has cleared out for the most part from this morning. It was exceedingly awkward for me due to me being dressed too casually to be taken as an audition-er, but too young to be a parent. Many people just thought I was another IU student. Wrong. 

It’s been kind of funny.

Then, Calvin and I went to the saxophone luncheon. 

The people in the studio are warm and welcoming. Everyone was friendly – especially their graduate students. I still can’t believe that there aren’t any DMA students in the studio. At the same time, I can. Dr. Murphy requires a certain caliber of students I guess. He’s very selective, much more so than Dr. Tse. 

I’d still take Dr. Tse any day. Probably because I can’t take Dr. Murphy seriously after all the joking I’ve been exposed to. 

Everyone that came up to Calvin and me were asking how our auditions went. I’m not sure how many times I had to explain that I was just a taxi, not a potential member of their studio. It was still very nice engaging in conversation.

Why, why is my social anxiety so bad?

I told Calvin all the diagnoses last night.

(This post was interrupted by Mr. Tyler Cousin on Saturday.)


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