Honesty Slate

I have sprung a leak. Intentionally.

It scares me. I’m still unsure how I feel about it. 

Honestly, I know what I would have preferred. For it – this – to be found on its own. Not me sharing the link with others. Not me point blank throwing this out there.

I’ve given several opportunities for this to be seen. It wasn’t blatantly obvious, but discoverable had anyone taken the time to just browse. I know if 2 people that have found it on their own. They mentioned it in passing to me. Their way of saying, “Yes, I know you write. I know what you have written. I’m looking out for you, but from a distance.” 

They don’t understand how much I appreciate that.

So here’s my thank you to you. 

It allows me to still write without hesitation or fear. I know they read, but I don’t feel like I have to censor anything. They read willingly and honestly, at times I forget that they read. 

Remember my whole thing about how I felt like I was holding back from you? 

This was my honesty slate.

I don’t regret sharing it with you.

I only regret how I shared it. I should have let you see it all and find it in your own way instead of throwing it at you. 

Again my brash abrasiveness gets the best of me.

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