It takes an invincible person to be undefined.

To be undefined is to defy human nature. It goes against all basic principles and the foundation of humanity.

We function to be communal. The desires to belong are ingrained in us.

We group upon our beliefs of how we view ourselves and the world around us. Religion is an obvious example. Also, political parties, support groups, even schools, it’s community.

We look at ourselves and question who we are and what we believe in. What do we like versus what we don’t like. Based upon that, we “find” ourselves through the exploration of these beliefs.

We learn from others. We learn from success and failure. We learn through experience.

But to be undefined…

We identify ourselves by our experiences, likes, and beliefs. Who we are is constantly questioned. Are you smart? Are you beautiful? Are you talented? Are you funny? Etc.

To be undefined…

I “find” myself going through more and more identity crises. I am someone who loves music. I value selflessness. I want to help others. I want to respect others. I’m goofy. I’m depressed and anxious.

To be undefined… I believe it’s an intangible goal. To be free of the constraints of human nature. To not feel the constant need to belong to anyone or anything. To be completely independent nor need anyone to rely upon you. It seems too beautiful to be true.

There are people in our world that are undefined. I know. People probably think it’d be a horrible way to live, numb from society.


I think it’s beautiful.

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