Relationship Rant

I just need to rant.

It’s our 6-month anniversary. Okay, it’s fine if you wanna do dinner with our friends. I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. I haven’t seen a lot of them for a while.

Then you tell me that this dinner is taking the place of us doing work together at the cafe later. I’m annoyed just because I carted my backpack around when I didn’t need to, but you start to freak out over my reaction.

I’m annoyed. Leave me alone to cool off and I’ll be fine. Seriously. Don’t try to make things all better in front of our friends. Those are conversations to be had later in private.

Then, I leave to take a call. I thought people had seen since I was mid conversation with them when I left, but some of our friends would rather not think critically. You text me because you’re worried. Fine. When I return, I’m fine. I’ve more than cooled off from the initial annoyance.

Everyone has their food and I didn’t order since we just ate. I say I’m going to get a cookie and it looks like a few of our friends plus you give me a look. I jokingly tease back only to not have it be understood. You remark how that’s not the first time I’ve misinterpreted someone’s facial expression.

Really. Not. Cool.

When we fight, we talk about it, and let it go. Holding on to past mistakes is petty and hurtful. It’s a slap in the face saying that you haven’t really forgiven me yet for it.

I’m hurt, upset, and embarrassed. Now, I’ll be making up lies as to excuse my absence. I’m really frustrated.

Thanks for a great anniversary, Hun. I don’t like to make a big deal out of these things, but now I am.


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