Compassion, Passion, Curiosity, and Intellect

Things that scare me:

  • Sharks
  • The dark (even though I’m 21)
  • Urban legends/myths
  • The future (less so now though in a lot of ways)
  • Having my own kids
  • Disagreeing on fundamental things with those most important to me

And this last one is what I would like to talk about briefly before falling asleep much like my cat already has on my shoulder.

I have a lot of opinions. But I’m not someone who is closed-minded on my opinions. My opinions change constantly with time and the more knowledge I gain on certain subjects. I call my opinions developing and I don’t think they will ever stop.

There are a few fundamental truths in life. I base most of my morals on the “Golden Rule” and by trying my hardest to live selflessly. I think these two overlap but also clash at times. Mostly, because I am also a very assertive person.

Sometimes I have difficulty expressing my thoughts through speech. I usually consider myself to be a very articulate person, but often I get ahead of myself and can’t dumb things down enough for lack of better words.

I’m also used to talking to people much, much smarter than me. 

College has shown me that often I can’t talk with such “high-end jargon”. 

I work at a low-key restaurant. Most people want a pretty face, a smile, good service, and they’re out. So that’s what I do. Not that they aren’t smart people, they just probably don’t want some lengthy-life story and my opinions.

I’m in a relationship with someone whose native language is not my own. It’s not that he isn’t smart, he just doesn’t understand my way of thinking due to cultural differences in upbringing nor is able to understand my train of thought sometimes. 

My friends even are smart, just in different ways. Some are geniuses at science. Some excel in business. Some are the most talented musicians I have met and known personally. It’s all different. This is why I keep some friends from high school or very early college in my pocket at disposal. I need some sort of philosophical/opinionated stimulus every once and a while to keep me sane and keep my head clear. I question everything around me constantly because I am extremely curious and insatiable when it comes to experiencing the world around me. My thirst for knowledge will never be quenched. 

I am in constant need of a challenge.

I can agree to disagree.

I can change.

I just need someone who is assertive enough to present their view point in a rational way. I love it when people are passionate on a topic but are compassionate enough to listen to another side of the story. 

This is what I want.

This is what I need.

Compassion, passion, curiosity, and intellect.

Or a drink.

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