Love and In Love: Intoxicated Love Note

Went to a friend’s bar crawl tonight.

I’m a little intoxicated at the moment. 

He remembers you. 

You were creeped out because I told you what he said about you. He remembers you. You were intimidated by the others in class, but you’re cute and smart.

I took it as a compliment. A good, old friend of mine approves of you and of course he would. I knew he would. It took everything in me to not start bragging about you right then and there. I started to once, but stopped since I know people hate it when you brag about a significant other.

And boy, do I have a lot to brag about with you.

He told me about how he was ready to get down on one knee for his girlfriend. I’m so happy for him. They are absolutely adorable and great together. 

You are something else.

You just listened to me rant drunkenly for the last 30ish minutes at least. More that that. 

I miss you.

I can’t wait for December.

Neither can you for what it seems. 

You’re torn between the love of your home and having me back here. Having both in the same place will be exciting yet very calming for you. I’m excited to share that experience with you. More excited than you can know.

But to be honest, I think you’re more excited than I am.

I’m not hurt or offended or anything like that. I just hope you don’t see it as I’m not as excited as you. I’m plenty excited, trust me.

Get to leave the country for the first time, get to go with you, get to go on a plane, get to go with you…. Seriously. I’m. Pumped.

I know you’re worried about me and my anxiety. 

It’ll be like tonight. The closer I get to the bar (Hong Kong), the more my heart starts to pick up. I have second thoughts of turning around, I see the sign and my body begins to panic. I only know a few people that will be there. But I’ve committed. I’m doing this. And damn it, I’m going to enjoy it.

I had a fantastic time tonight.

I’m going to have an even better time in Hong Kong. 

Because you’ll be there. And you’re all I’ll ever want and need. Everything else is an added bonus.

I miss you like crazy. Lying in this bed in this apartment makes me miss you even more. 

I love you like crazy. 

So much to say that I know that I’m in love with you.

And that’s even crazier for me to say. 

One thought on “Love and In Love: Intoxicated Love Note

  1. Isn’t being in love absolutely amazing. I cannot think of anything better. Well maybe Kate Spade surprise sales. But besides those love is the best.

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