The Next Month

Going through the motions and feeling numb.

Probably because I’m trying not to get too overwhelmed by everything I have to do in the next month.

Work 30+ hours a week. Move Calvin out. Move myself out. Call carpet cleaners for both of us. Deep clean both apartments. Keep working out. Pick up some scores. Go out and socialize at least once a week to appease my therapist. Visit my therapist weekly. Do my homework and studying for my online class. Practice mindfulness meditation every day. See my family. Enjoy summer and life a little bit. Practice my instruments. Keep in mind that I’ll be working the absolute busiest weekend for our restaurant which is when the Anime Iowa Convention is occurring and try not to die afterwards. 

I have a good feeling July is going to fly right out of my hands. 

Part of me is really okay with this.

Another part of me is scared that something’s going to give and I’m going to flop right on my ass.

I’m going to go eat lunch, work out, then do homework for the rest of the day. 

Maybe that’ll inspire me to get my ass in gear.


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