We cannot numb ourselves to the things that make us feel uncomfortable. 

We also cannot simply say that we are just going to change what makes us feel uncomfortable to makes us feel comfortable.

There are things in life that are meant to be uncomfortable. We are human and we are made to experience pain and suffering. Without that, we do not know that which makes us comfortable.

I have learned the hard way how numbing yourself changes you. It makes your mind feel that failure is okay. It lets you drone on in your mind the endless thoughts that plague your sleep. 

We have to process this pain. We have to grieve properly. 

If we don’t, we let it fester within us. We hold onto it. We let it control our daily lives. 

I’m not asking you to change me. I’m asking you to help me. There’s a difference. 

Validate my feelings. Validate my happiness. Validate my sadness. 

Let me feel like any other human being. 

I have emotions. Let me feel them and embrace them.

Otherwise you’re controlling how I feel. Let me tell you that’s where I draw the line. If you cross that, it will be the hardest thing to let you back over. I have yet to let people do that. 

And trust me, people have crossed that line. 

I don’t want to loose you to the other side.

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