The Hole

You’re selfish.

I’m trying to get over that.

It’s in your veins, in every fiber of your being. You’re considerate, but that’s not the same.

Everything points back to you in your mind.

I’m hallow. I’m numb. I’m empty. I’m doing all of this for you.

I’m working everyday to make myself better. Doing you extreme favors. Working insane shifts so I can give you an amazing gift. Doing well in what I should be to make you proud.

My own happiness is a side effect of yours. I do this all to see you smile.

In a way, I’m feeding your selfish ways.

All I need is for you to return my love.

Tell me I’m a person of worth. Tell me that I’m a person that deserves happiness. Tell me I exist not just for others but for myself.

Otherwise I will drown in this hole. You hold the rope. It’s your choice to throw it to me or to panic and let me die.


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