Session #3

I don’t know how I feel right now.

I had some not-as-good-as-I-usually-have Chinese for dinner. I skipped a rehearsal so I could do laundry and homework. I just feel very… panicked.

I don’t know, either. Maybe it has to do with my music therapy session this week.

I was feeling kind of out of it on Tuesday anyway. Just high anxiety for no apparent reason other than I had a session. Even that isn’t really enough though.

My supervisor wasn’t there.

She had an emergency. That emergency was the death of one of our major professor’s mother. She didn’t explicitly tell me that was the reason. She just told me to put 2 and 2 together since she couldn’t explicitly tell me.


So I did my own session.


And yeah.

It was… something.

I can’t think much beyond that right now and that was my blog post essentially. And that’s this post right now.

I just want to sleep.


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