The 2014 Anniversary: Part 1.5

Well, the rest of the day has proven to be interesting in the least.

I went to my one class. I finished my project. I went to my friend’s recital. I got drunk.

Yes. It is a Tuesday night. Yes, I have classes tomorrow morning. Yes. I got drunk.

In fact, I’m still a bit drunk.

It wasn’t wise. It’s the anniversary. My friends that know what’s been going on with me questioned me significantly. It’s my day is what I said. But really, it isn’t. It’s my mom’s. And I’ve tarnished it.

I had some great discussions with the younger guys in my studio.

I missed Calvin today.

I miss him dearly too.

His mom sent me a nice message though.

I’ve had so many thoughts pass through me today.

Now, I’m too tired to voice them.

Some of them are on music. Some of them are on relationships. Some of them are about the categorization of people against an individualist society.

But really, I’m too tired to function.

Here’s to the messed up, broken, successful in its own way anniversary. I really do love you, mom. I’m sorry I’m such an immature adult at times. At least my apartment’s clean. The little things, right?

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