The Hong Kong Adventures: Part 2 – Umm….. Except Not in HK Anymore….

I totally suck.

Mostly, I’m super jetlagged and haven’t updated.

So, I’m back in the states chilling out at Calvin’s apartment sans Calvin. He’s at an ensemble rehearsal meeting then is getting dinner with his quartet. I’ve been sick all day from eating a raw egg yolk (a.k.a. asian style fried egg.)

I’m debating right now wether or not to just go back to sleep or to stay awake. I have stuff I could do, but I don’t really want to do it. If I stay up, I’ll eat. I don’t really want to eat right now. Mostly because the only thing I can eat is popcorn because that’s all we have in the pantry.

But if I fall asleep, I’m gonna wake up again at 1:30 AM and be up for a few hours and then fall back asleep and I’m not gonna beat this jet lag. But I also don’t have anything interesting to do right now.

It’s kind of nice being back. It’s also kinda boring. I don’t know.

It’s also a bit of a relief to not have to be doing something every waking moment. I’m a bit burnt out on people and activities. I just need to be alone for a while to not do anything.

So I guess I’m doing just that.

Except now I’m eating candy which I really shouldn’t do.

And I finished the box of Buncha Crunch. Whoops. Not even sorry.

Yeah, I’m going to go back to sleep. Sorry for such a lame post. Once I get home home (like, not at Calvin’s place but my place) I will post a list of things I learned in Hong Kong. I did learn a lot, saw some strange things I have questions about, and became much closer to Calvin and his family. But for now, I’m gonna be lame and sleep.


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