A Guilty List

What I’ve learned this Winter Break in no particular order:

1. Flying kind of sucks.

2. People really don’t joke about airplane food.

3. Good Congee is amazing.

4. I have a nack for making nicknames for things I’m unsure of their real name (i.e. Chinese doughnut, Chinese taco)

5. If walking to the good Congee place from Tai Wai station, the second pedestrian cross light gives the warning beep 7 times.

6. Calvin’s mom cooks the best salmon ever.

7. All the pedestrian cross lights beep for those with visual impairments in Hong Kong.

8. Replacing your car starter is expensive.

9. Fireball Whiskey is a new thing for many people.

10. Hong Kong exceeded any kind of expectations I had for it.

11. I’m really tall in Hong Kong.

12. I can still find clothes in my current size in Hong Kong. Clothes that I like.

13. Calvin’s family all knows I love cats.

14. They will encourage said love of cats with much gusto and enthusiasm.

15. Calvin doesn’t like Angry Orchard Hard Cider. Too sweet.

16. Calvin is too nice to barter with street vendors.

17. Don’t go anywhere without a pack of tissues. Seriously.

18. Women leave the toilet seat up frequently in restrooms in Hong Kong. This still perplexes me.

19. Jet lag is serious business that I have yet to understand.

20. Public transportation in Hong Kong is amazing.

21. Public transportation in the states sucks.

22. My cat has a bizarre meow.

23. Food is so inexpensive in Hong Kong in comparison to the states.

24. White pepper is a common thing in Hong Kong.

25. White pepper is delicious.

26. I stick out like a sore thumb in Hong Kong with my American accent alone.

27. My stomach does not adjust to change well.

28. The food in Hong Kong is enough for me to want to live there.

29. I want/need to learn Cantonese for Calvin and his family.

30. Calvin’s extended family has already accepted me as “The One”.

31. Hairstylists in Hong Kong take their profession very seriously.

32. Retired Hairstylists in Hong Kong that continue to cut and style hair for fun take their profession very seriously.

33. I only want to have my hair cut by one man for the rest of my life and he resides in Hong Kong.

34. Calvin’s dad is a very black-and-white kind of guy. He sees other arguments, but once he makes up his mind, it’s most right.

35. Drinking from coconuts is awesome.

36. Drinking tea all the time is even more awesome.

37. Not-hot beverages cost more than their warm counterparts.

38. What holds up the tiramisu is not plastic but rather chocolate. Mind. Blown.

39. Fresh fish is the best fish.

40. Many people above the age of 40 are extremely polite. Like, put the Midwest-polite to shame polite.

41. Shopping malls are everywhere.

42. Don’t expect to actually shop at a lot of those centers though, since they’re almost all designer stores like Burberry, Dior, etc..

43. Hong Kong winter is amazing weather.

44. The food presentation can be shocking (i.e. whole fish on a plate), but is beautiful if you can get over your squeemishness of seeing a whole fish on a plate.

45. I have seen Mango Heaven. It’s a beautiful place.

46. Pizza Hut in Hong Kong is a legitimate restaurant. I mean, sit down, nice menus, fancy drinks, the whole deal. And it’s delicious of course.

47. Bamboo is used as scaffolding. I knew this already, but I didn’t know how it completely covers a building.

48. Some early signs of pregnancy are breast pain, a light, not-so-period-like period….

49. This winter break has been an unforgettable experience.

50. I feel guilty for having this experience.

Coming back home has been hard for a number of reasons. I went from being with Calvin for the most intense period of time to being separated by school again. I am beyond broke. I’m terrified that I might actually be pregnant. I’m about to start classes with 18 credit hours while trying to finish up last semester. I’m not taking any medications currently because I don’t like these new ones and I don’t see my doctor until Wednesday.

A lot of what I’m freaking out about is just I’m freaking out. I had a vacation and I’m back to reality and it is beyond a reality shock. I’m forced back into this and I’m not as ready as I thought I would be.

Honestly, who ever is ready though?

I never am. Let’s be real.

This post has been overdue, like a lot of things in my life right now, and I can’t finish it because it’s 6:30 and I’m ready for bed. This is awful. I’m gonna try to make it to 8:00 if not 9:00.

Jet lag man…

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