Ugh…. (A Drunken Post of Nothing.)

Drunken post #… something.


I’ve been drinking.

Probably not the best thing. Especially because I’ve had quite a lot.

3 cups of champagne. At 36 oz. or some bacardi thing at a bar. 2 shots. 2 Angry Orchards. Some beer. Proably more. Yeah. Very drunk.

But drinking water currently as Leo flings my socks across my apartment. Great.

I need to work hard tomorrow.



Reasons why I don’t go to the bars.

Because I blew $20 on what would have cost me half if I had just drunk at home.


Not a fan of “the bars”.

Not my thing.

Too many people.

Too expensive.


Rather get drunk alone.

And I don’t have to walk anywhere. That’s a real pain.

Also, had to see a guy from high school that I dated. Pretty sure some of my friends heard me saying that I dated him. Because I’m drunk. And he was working. God.

I’d rather drink at a party.

Much rather.

But this week has been interesting.

I went back to the Newman Center (catholic student center on campus.) Of course, had an anxiety attack while there. And other anxiety-producing issues, like first music therapy practicum session, 2 school exams, etc. and Lisa cancels.

And I’m dumb enough to not have another appointment schedules until March because I didn’t call in January.

My neighbor just got home. He’s nice. Pushed me out of the snow once.

I know if I go to bed now, I’ll be hung over as fuck tomorrow and regret it. But I’m so tired and have been for a while.

I shouldn’t have drank tonight.

I will post tomorrow about several things.

Sorry this post isn’t very informative/relevant. I will be more so in my next post.

Especially concerning jealously.


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