Burnt Out

Oh, what a day.

I have two exams that I’ve barely studied for. I’m fighting to keep my eyes open and I’ve been up for two hours. I have a voice lesson that I’m not ready for in less than an hour. Then studio right after that.

It’s only week five and I’m already getting very burnt out.

I spent my entire weekend doing nothing.

That’s right.

I got nothing done.

Okay, I shouldn’t say that. I wrote my session plan (and I feel pretty solid for this next session.) I did some other homework that was due. Studied for the tests… kinda. I mean. I went over my notes a few times. It’s just hard to be motivated to study for the same damn test you’ve taken 3 times already at least.

What are correlational methods of research? What’s a longitudinal study? The history of psychology: go. I know this stuff mostly. So to learn the little extra bits they want us to is really hard to motivate myself for.

Also, there’s been a lot of drama in the studio.

I’m tired.

I’m burnt out.

I have a million things that I have to do.

So I’m going back to basics. Getting back to myself. No more overachieving. Do what I need to do, then stop. Plan things out.

Tonight, I’m going home to do laundry. I will stay until 8:00 at the latest. Drive back. Practice.

I’m not going to go to my first two classes today. I’ve had a bad panic attack and my digestive system is not happy even though I have been eating well and eating less.


I’m just burnt out.


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