Strength and Will

I have a session this morning.

I haven’t practiced for it at all.

My anxiety is so bad currently.

I’m not really anxious about my session. The only new thing about it is my movement activity which shouldn’t be hard at all. I just need to review the song as well as my other ones.

But I’m on the verge of canceling it.

I’m just freaking out about everything else and it’s hard for me to focus.

I have a teacher that wants me to go through student disability services to excuse my absences and such. I don’t even know what kind of accommodation I need. Do I really need one? I just need mental health days every once and a while and for someone to be understanding of my situation. Who do I turn to?

Calvin completely ignored my panic last night. Do I call him?


I’m gonna pull myself together. I only have 2 sessions left after today. I will have had a total of 9 sessions. That’s 3 more than last semester. Then I can have all of my sessions next fall to show that I’m ready for internship.

I can and will do this.

Wish me strength.

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