I Gave You All

Now, for an angry rant.

To act all superior. You’re the one in control. You have the keys, the money, the knowledge – I’m disgusted.

Am I angry that it’s done or that I wasn’t the one who ended it?


And to talk to me like nothing has happened. You relinquished yourself from all responsibility. Now – you’re going to pay for it.

I no longer will be there for you.

You’ll be fine. I know you will.

I’m just angry right now. Angry that I gave you everything. Angry that I gave you everything so that I would have nothing left inside of me when you abandoned me.

I’ve officially told him I need a clean break. I said unless he has some great change of heart or really important news, we shouldn’t talk.

He said that he doesn’t plan on that changing. He knows it hurts. “Like you said. Dealing with break up, one should be rational but not easily affected by emotions.”

His words.

Not mine from what I remember.

I know it’s true.

I’m just angry and sad. Because all the talking was stringing me along.

What a shitty thing.

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