I sent a cold email that I did not expect to receive a reply from.

Turns out he owes me about $550. I owe his parents about $1,600 for the plane ticket to Hong Kong. That money will just go to them. I will send them the rest directly.

I still have to write my session plan.

My anxiety is sky high right now.

I haven’t taken anything for it yet. I don’t know why.

I’m supposed to go to a rehearsal today. In about an hour and a half or so. That will break me. Playing saxophone right now will break me. I don’t want to do it and I probably won’t.

Then, one of my coworkers had roped me into going to a wine tasting today. I do want to go, but today is also just not a good day. I need to be by myself and take care of things at home and I’m not sure how to tell her. I also have homework to do. I told her that if I get my homework done in time I would go, but she’s basically not taking no for an answer. I’m not sure how to handle the situation. I’ll call my dad and if he’s got nothing, then I’ll just be honest. If it was tomorrow, I would be so down. Today is just bad though.

If it was next week, I would be so down.

But today is weird.

And I think I need today to myself.

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