Standing in the Sand

It’s amazing how much changes in a month.

Yesterday was my one month anniversary of being single.

As I hung out with my friends Michael, Eric, and Carl, we discussed my conversation with Calvin earlier last week. They all asked me why I gave him the time of day.

The answer is obvious, and I don’t think they expected me to actually answer. Everyone says how weird Calvin is being about this situation. They tell me that he should find out about my important news via Facebook. I don’t really like that. I tried to tell them that I ended on somewhat good terms with him and they all laughed. It’s fair though, because we honestly didn’t end on good terms.

The way he broke up with me was so shitty that it eliminated the possibility of ending on good terms.

I don’t want to be on bad terms with him though. He was one of my best friends after all. I don’t want to give that up just because he was an idiot.

But maybe I should because that’s not a friend worth having.

Ugh, this all sucks so much.

I was going to go home this weekend too. I want to go home now to do laundry, but I’m waiting to hear back from a professor for a potential meeting. I’m just not in a very happy camp right now because I haven’t taken my Ativan yet.

So much has happened, yet not a lot. I feel like I’ve been standing in sand right where the water hits the shore. I have the illusion of movement, but it’s really the earth around me shifting. I guess it’s good that I feel anchored in my spot, but I just want a minute for the world to stop spinning.

I have very little time to accomplish a lot. Let’s hope that I can get it all done.


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